Monday, September 14


Ok so I've enjoyed reading all of your blogs about how much you despise Kanye West after his actions last night. I am totally on the same page. My favorite tweet/facebook update from last night was by far "Does Kanye think he's going to get more street cred by picking on Taylor Swift?" I just really don't know what was going through his head that he thought "Oh this is a good idea." Anyway... he just apologized for a third time on Jay Leno and he really did seem upset about it. Maybe not upset that he hurt her, but upset that people were mad at him. I dunno, I still think he's a jerk. Moving on.

Did anybody else catch this at the end of Jay-Z's performance? Who is this chick?



Lindsay said...

Hahaha I was wondering the same thing..I think it's Lil Mama, but what the crap is she doing there, and where did she come from?!

CTB said...

haha That was my guess too - Lil Mama. So random.