Monday, September 28

Miserable Monday

  • When your roommates throw each other birthday parties and don't throw one for you
  • Hearing ambulance sirens during your wedding
  • Adult cartoons
  • Babies with milk allergies
  • Wanting kids when your husband doesn't
  • Wanting kids when your wife doesn't
  • Being the last one with your family's name
  • Getting stung by a jellyfish
  • Animals with jars stuck on their heads
  • Being cross-eyed
  • Walking into a spiderweb
  • Accidents with electric drills
  • Trying to get a table at a hot new restaurant
  • Being told you can't do something
  • Having to change your name because you're being stalked
  • Margaret Seltzer, who wrote a memoir about LA gang life that turned out to be fictional
  • Peeling post-sunburn
  • Trying to find a new tenant
  • Oxybenzone- a potentially toxic ingredient in sunscreen

1 comment:

Katie said...

i need to start doing this! my facebook status last night was already asking when Friday was!