Monday, September 14

Miserable Monday

  • Having someone pretend to love you in order to make someone else jealous
  • Flapping shoe soles
  • Eyebrows that resemble caterpillars
  • Your boyfriend finding your 8th grade school picture
  • Barflies
  • Musty smelling attic fans
  • Pleated Khakis
  • Not understanding your computer's instructions
  • Elephants that escape from the circus and trample people
  • Fancy hotels with bedbugs
  • Motel fires
  • Realizing that autumn is over
  • Living next to a women who screams constantly at her children
  • Ant farms
  • Grandparents who tell you the same stories everytime you see them
  • Starving artists who wish they'd gone to law school
  • Wealthy lawyers who wished they'd gone to art school
  • Your mom having better legs than you
  • Your dad being able to beat you up
  • Christmas ball earrings
  • Finding out that your favorite tree is diseased and has to be cut down
  • Fat fingers


sarah said...

Fancy hotels with bedbugs

They make a spray that you can spray on the mattress/mattress pad that supposedly kills the bugs. Grossness.

CAC muffin said...

the lack of compassion people seem to have for anothers- breaks my heart....sorry just wanted to add to you list
hope you have a wonderful week!

Beth Dunn said...

Flapping shoe soles are a big problem I'm having with my fav shoes right now. xoxo

Brittney Galloway said...

Screaming neighbor would just drive me nuts! Just found your blog and I love your design!

Christa said...

I hate when I cant understand my computer's instructions too!