Sunday, September 13

Weekend Wrap-Up

How is it Sunday already? Seriously?

It's been a weird week here kids. Got home Tuesday afternoon, went to bed at 9 and I feel like I've been in a fog ever since. My friend Emma's grandma passed away Wednesday morning, the wake was Thursday night, and the funeral was Friday morning. Then my friend's cat had to be put down Friday night, and Emma's neighbor passed away Saturday morning. It's just weird. So much of this week has revolved around death. Eeeesh.

Also-another sad note, Carolina lost last night. Stupid Georgia. Ugh. I seriously don't want to talk about it. I hate them and I think I hate Lee Corso more. That's a whole different post though.

On a happier note- I got my College Football swap from Emily at From the Land of Cotton and OHMYGOSH I LOVE EVERYTHING! Thank you Thank you Thank you Emily! She wrapped everything in garnet and black and man it's awesome! Oh, and Clemson lost Thursday, so that's good news :o)

Ok well I think I'm making dinner tonight so I gotta get crackin'! Hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!



Jane said...

Not feel Sunday either. Could we go back to Saturday?

Julie said...

Sorry that you had such a tough week :( I was pulling for you guys against Georgia... my team lost a close one too and it was heartbreaking! Hope that your Monday is the start of a great week!