Tuesday, October 6

Fun weekend in Savannah!

So a recap of my weekend-

Friday I drove down to Savannah and met up with Sarah. We went to this massive Yard Sale the Junior League was hosting at the Civic Center. It was a little crazy the amount of stuff they had for sale! Sarah ended up getting some cute candle holders, but that was it.
Then we went to my FAVORITE cafe in downtown, The Express Cafe. uhhhhh it's so good. They have the best bread pudding in the whole world.

We also checked out City Market for these paintings that I love-obviously.

We took it pretty slow Friday evening before the big race on Saturday. What big race? THE WIENER RACE! Sarah & Matt have a dappled Dachshund named Tahoe who was racing on Saturday. He won his heat, then competed in the Top 10 (out of like 180 dogs) and came in around 6th-ish. It was hard to tell b/c they were all so close.

It was hilarious. After the races, we walked around Oktoberfest & had some brats & fresh apple cider... have I mentioned how much I LOVE fall?

We had the Thirty-One party that evening and it was a huge hit! Sarah did some serious selling at her work and it ended up being over a $1000 party! Free stuff for Sarah & mo' money for Sam!

It was such a fun, relaxing weekend. I always have a great time when I go to Savannah!



Sweet Simplicity said...

I have a weiner dog! Those races were probably hilarious!

Tracy-Girl said...

OHHH I have 2 weenies... they are my absolute favorite!! Oh I bet that was so cute!!