Sunday, October 11

Show us your Life

So I've seen everybody doing Kelly's Korner and I've totally wanted to do it but... I'm not married and I don't have a house and yea. But this one I TOTALLY can do-Tailgates & Favorite Teams!

Well I am a South Carolina Gamecock and I love every second of it! (Even though it's hard to be a Gamecock fan. I'm pretty sure I will have some sort of stroke/heart attack at Williams-Brice one day.)

Here are some pics from my four years at school and as an alumni!

Freshman Year- USC vs. Kentucky Basketball

I think Sophomore Year- USC vs. South Florida

Sophomore Year when South Carolina beat Florida (First time Spurrier was facing them)-best game ever!

Getting up at 3AM for football tickets for the USC/UGA game

Georgia friends-they knew better than to rag on me since I was letting them stay at my apartment!

USC vs. GA- Junior Year

USC vs. Arkansas- Junior Year

USC vs. Auburn -I think Sophomore or Junior Year

Dad always loved coming up for the games!

When USC beat Clemson my Junior Year AT Clemson-best day ever!

Me reppin' in Hawaii with my Carolina Pride!

Senior Year Shandon Tailgate

Junior Year

I think the bookstore was having a sale on jerseys :o)

It was hard having your two best friends go to the worst school on the planet. But hey, I still love them!

My first ever USC game my senior year of high school. We played Alabama Birmingham.


Prissy Southern Prep said...

great pictures! it looks like you're a true fan!

From Marriage to Motherhood said...

Wow - you are a serious sports girl!! All of your pictures beautifully capture all your fun through the years :)

Suzanne said...

I found your blog and enjoyed looking through the USC pictures. :) Gotta miss those gamedays when we were all together!!