Monday, October 26

Miserable Monday

  • Rich people who emphasize their upper middle class roots
  • The English Sweating Sickness, which swept Europe between 1485-1552
  • The many many people you could never be happy with
  • When your toddler pours apple juice on your laptop because "it looked thirsty"
  • Gnats in a tornado
  • Xanax
  • People paid to wear a giant hot dog suit and dance suggestively
  • People whose job is to pass out fliers on the street in the summer
  • Garbage Barges
  • Cloth diapers
  • Celebrities who are disappointingly short in person
  • Cleaners of gas station urinals
  • Parents who consider their child's screaming tantrums as adorable
  • Songs with one chord, played very loudly
  • People who hate things they've never tried


Becky said...

I contemplated cloth diapers for about 10 seconds and then was like....nahh!!! LOL!

Jane said...

The lap top looking thirsty is hilarious and horrible all at the same time. Your lists always make my Monday much more bearable!

Tiffany said...

Too funny! I just stumbled on your blog and it's so cute! I am going to ditto each of your bullet points! Have a great rest of the week!

Tracy-Girl said...

I am totally with you about the gas station urinal thing... nastayyy, that would be a horrible job! :(