Tuesday, February 9

Mayer Madness

How cheesy of a blog title is that?

But seriously, John Mayer, how I love thee.

Mom and I headed down to Charleston yesterday to see him in concert. This was my fifth time, and mom's second.

We had so much fun. He is so amazing in concert.

I also got to see some of my Bible study girls* after it was all over!

*I may have stolen these pics from Kaci & Donielle since they were on the TENTH ROW!


Julie said...

Looks like such a fun time! The pictures are amazing :)

Buckhead Belle said...

Fun! I love John Mayer. A few of my girlfriends were there as well!

Kiki said...

Super great pics...so glad you had a great time and thin its awesome that you and your mom got to go together!!!!