Friday, February 5

Beauty Faves

Over at Kelly's Korner it's Show Us Your Life: Beauty Tips & Fav Products.

It's kind of funny that almost a year ago, I did this post, dedicated to my love of bathroom stuff. My friends can vouch, I LOVE a product. LOVE.

I thought I'd give all my readers an update to that post.

Now, while I still love all of those products, I, of course, have a few more to add!

First is Artec's Kiwi blow serum. I started using this about 2-3 months ago and I don't know what I've done this long without it. You apply about a 1/2 dollar sized amount to wet hair and then blow dry with a round brush. It keeps the fly-aways at bay and really keeps the look of freshly-blown dried hair. LOVE.

Next is a classic. Clinique's 3 step program. I have forever used the lotion. It made my list last time. I recently ran out of my face wash though and decided I'd try to get back on the program. It helped that they were having their cute little giveaway deal at the time :o)

Like a lot of ya'll, I too love my Bare Minerals. I started using it this summer after my 17 year old cousin let me try hers. It really feels so light on your face and gives great coverage. I tried their eye shadow thinking I'd love it just as much, but sadly, I don't. There's nothing really wrong with it, I just think the colors are a little too heavy for me. The warmth powder is definitely my favorite. It gives you the best glow.

After reading all 185 blogs about ya'lls favorite beauty products, the next ones on my list are:
Thanks for sharing all your great beauty products!

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