Wednesday, February 3

Shopping Advice

So here is some advice I'd like to share with all my fellow shoppers.

Don't go into a store, pick up an item and then explain to the employee how much you can't stand said item.

If you HATE HATE HATE something that my store is selling, why, my friend, are you in here? Touching it? Holding it? Telling me to my face how much you DETEST it?

I'm curious.

Here's something even more interesting---after you've spent 10 minutes talking about how terrible of a product it is I'm trying to sell you, you actually BUY it.


I'm so confused.


Jane said...

Who does that? How rude!

sarah said...

WHOA! That's weird. And random.

If you are going to spend so much time trash-talking it, why don't you just order it online instead. :)

Kiki said...!!!