Wednesday, February 24

My Life is Awesome.

I seriously love where I am.

I love that I have some amazing friends that are spread all over.

This weekend I got to see Sarah, who's in Savannah, GA. It's seriously my favorite city that I've ever been to.

So-a recap of this weekend, you ask? Sure!

Got down there Friday, we went downtown and hit up the Gap on Broughton St. It's fun going into Gap's now that I work there... I look at different stuff now, how the store looks, what the employees are doing, customer service, etc... And basically, our store is the best ever. I may be biased but for real.

Anyway, I got some fun stuff that our store doesn't carry. And I love their dressing rooms.

We hung out at her house Friday night and watched This Is It-the Michael Jackson movie.

Saturday we got up and ran around Forsyth Park, then checked out a fun place for lunch called Soho Cafe. Let me tell you, there is always some new cool place to go. It was delish!

We walked around downtown and I got to take a bunch of fun pictures with my camera.

Saturday night we saw the movie Valentine's Day. I really liked it. Lots of stars, a good story line and a great ending!

Sunday we went to church and then hit up Express Cafe. Ya'll know how much I love that place. Breaddddd Puddddinnngggggg.

Hopefully it won't be too long before I'm back again!


Anonymous said...

That bread pudding looks delicious!

I really want to take a trip to Savannah. Haven't been since I was a little girl and think it would be so much fun!

Kiki said...

About time you posted these.....looks like you had so much fun and so glad you are back home!!!

Jamie Pickle said...

Looks like you had a blast!