Tuesday, February 16

What day is it?

Friends, I am so confused as to what day it is!

Working in retail really messes you up since my schedule is different every week.

Here's an outfit of some new stuff we have at Gap that I wore on Sunday. I LOVE this sweater/jacket. I can't wait to pair it with other things in my closet :o)

Today, I only worked until 2pm because I had an appointment at the dentist. Ya'll- I hate the dentist. I'd rather be ANYWHERE else! I have a permanent retainer on my bottom teeth and the hygienist just starts DIGGING away and makes my gum bleed... Ugh. I took 3 Motrin before I went.

The good news? No cavities!

After the trauma of the dentist, I treated myself to a deluxe pedicure. It was the best hour of the day for sure!

On a random note--have you guys been watching the Olympics? Dad & I have been watching it every night... who knew? These athletes make it look so easy, like I could put on a some skis and compete in the Moguls.


Hilary Lane said...

My dentist thought the bonding was plaque, so he pulled mine off a couple months after I got it. I had it fixed and he did it again the next time! They finally game me a removable one that hasn't been worn since!!

Cassie said...

The dentist is absolutely no fun! Although I like your idea of getting a pedicure after as a treat :) I'm due at the dentist in a couple of weeks and might need to take advantage of that!

sarah said...

The dentist is my arch nemesis. Hate.

Buckhead Belle said...

Cute outfit! I hate the dentist too, but a pedicure is such good incentive to go!

Christa said...

I hate going to the dentist too! Dread it! Love your pedi!