Saturday, February 13

Weekend Wrap-Up

Since coming back from John Mayer a lot has been going on!

I worked my first inventory in retail! It wasn't too bad... they showed up, ticketed stuff and counted it. Then, we counted it. It was a late night for sure.

I had a free massage at my place, so you know I took advantage of that on Thursday! My lady is SO amazing! I also got a super cute new little point and shoot camera. The fact that it's red is just a plus!

Friday I worked and after I got off, I went to my first Pampered Chef party! It had started to snow (yes, snow in Myrtle Beach!) so a lot of people backed out... which meant more fun and food for us! We had a great time making a yummy pizza and a microwave cake! I can't wait for the stuff I ordered to come in! I'll be sure to fill you in when it does :o)

Here is Ashlyn demonstrating the cheese grater!

When I got home, it had snowed around 1/2 an inch... it was so beautiful!

When I woke up today there was about 4 inches!

I love how peaceful everything is when there is snow... so quiet and serene.

Hope you all are having a great weekend!


A Wedding Story said...

I'm so glad that you ordered the sandals!! They are so cute and I tried them on at home with jeans and they look so chic! You will LOVE them!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

I have that camera (mine is silver) and love it! Last year, I upgraded to a Canon Rebel, but I still carry my "little" camera with me everywhere! I know you will love it. Have a great Valentine's day!

Kiki said...

I just spent some time catching up here and everything looks so great!!! I love the snow pictures and the point and shoot...well, of course I love that!!!