Wednesday, August 26

Favorite Summer Stuff

So I've seen a few of ya'll fill this out and I wanted to play too!

Favorite Summer Movie: Harry Potter & The Hangover.

Favorite Summer Cocktail: I know DC isn't a cocktail, but I seriously love it. Every season, all year long.

Favorite Summer Song:
I love the newest Kings of Leon CD. It's been in my car on repeat all summer long!

Favorite Summer Meal: Grilled Salmon! yum!

Favorite Summer Outfit:
Gap Tank Dress for sure! I have it in blue, black and white & tan- LOVE IT.

Favorite Summer Reading: I haven't read any books this summer, not quite sure why, but I have been enjoying the Food Network Magazine- does that count?

Favorite Summer Moment: Spending time with my family & all the weddings!



Rena said...

I should be included in here somewhere.. like favorite summer Asian...

BRD said...

Great list! I loved Harry Potter and I also love DC or DP (Diet Pepsi) all year long!

--DC Prep

Christa said...

Thanks soo much for the sweet comment about my apartment!! I loved The Hangover too...hilarious!!

Jane said...

Just found your blog! Your summer favorites are quite similar to mine! Great picks!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

That Gap dress is too cute - haven't shopped there in forever, but may need to start! I just found your blog through Tracy's.