Friday, August 7


Happy Friday! Don't you just feel happier on Fridays? I do! Especially when it's the last day at your bo-bo job!

A few fun things going on this weekend:

  • Julie & Julia
  • Tax-Free Weekend
  • Going away Party for my friend's little brother on Saturday night
  • Knowing that Monday I'll be getting a massage!



Piper Jacquelyn said...

Tax-free weekends are the best -shop away! And sounds like you've got some other fun stuff planned. Have a great weekend!

Sunshinemeg said...

Happy last day to you! It must feel so good. Tax-free weekend would be awesome. I don't think my area gets to partake in that, but if I could ohhhh buddy! Have a great weekend!

KAC said...

Sounds like you have a fabulous weekend planned...have a great time!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

I desperately need a massage...enjoy!!

Kristen said...

I have been so sad that I completely missed tax free weekend being in bed! but at least my wallet was saved! hehe. I hope you got some good stuff and I really want to see Julia & Julia so I hope it was good!