Monday, August 3

Random Ramblings

Some more random thoughts...

This weekend I did purchase a new Kate Spade Wallet. It's the Taryn Wallet in Yellow... I can't find a picture of it and I haven't switched it out yet... but you get the idea...

Also, do you guys have any movie suggestions to rent? I am updating my Netflix Queue. I finally watched Bride Wars last night- super cute! I love Kate Hudson.

I found out from my Netflix Queue that 30 Rock Season 3 & The Office Season 5 come out in September! Yay! I love those shows! I own Season 1 & 2 of 30 Rock and I think I want to wait to buy like a box set of The Office-whenever that may be.

I am trying to get together some girls for a Thirty-One Party in the next few weeks... Have ya'll heard of Thirty-One before? B/c I hadn't until about a year ago. Check out their catalog- They have the CUTEST bags and you can get just about any and everything monogrammed! (You have to view the catalog to see all the stuff-check out 31 Kids too- I definitely have bought stuff from there before, totally a kid at heart!) Yes, Please!

Have you guys heard of the CASH for Clunkers Program the government is offering? I think my dad might try to take advantage of it and trade in his super old Dodge Dakota for a Toyota Tacoma. I hope he decides though soon, b/c the money is running out!



CTB said...

Cute wallet! My husband and I like to use NetFlix to catch up on tv shows we missed. We just finished Season 1 of True Blood the other week, and now we're catching up on Mad Men. If you like those Tyler Perry movies, then Madea Goes to Jail is hysterical.

Prissy Southern Prep said...

I am thinking of signing up for netflix since it is so cheap!! LOVE the wallet...I am sure it is adorable in yellow!

Kelly said...

SUCH a cute wallet!!! i love love loveeeeee it!!!

go you :)