Tuesday, May 19

The End of Bike Week Pictures

Ok all- referring to this post, you may have read how I was handling Bike Week 2009. It actually ended up not being not so bad... I stayed in the office mostly when I wasn't running errands. This is where I work- Hoof 'N' Finz is the restaurant and there are two offices underneath the restaurant.

On the last day of bike week, I went out to document some more amazing people... This girl was workin' the goods- selling beer.

Here's some of the awesome clothes they were selling under a tent in our parking lot:

Lastly, here are some of the girls that were in charge of selling the raffle tickets for the motorcycle. They all were incredibly nice and put up with A LOT of BS during the week... Overall we raised $7,000.00! If the City of Myrtle Beach hadn't turned all the bikers away, we probably would have made a lot more...

(I'm the one with a shirt on.)

It'll be interesting to see if they (the bikers) come back next year. I've heard from people that inside the actual city limits of MB, businesses were DEAD. No Money. I'm not really surprised either. The majority of the bikers came to Murrells Inlet, North Myrtle Beach, Surfside, etc. to spend their money.

I'm just glad it's OVER!

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