Wednesday, May 6

Is it me, or does spring time = busy?

I feel like when the temperature goes above 75 degrees, chaos ensues. Am I the only one who feels that way?

Let me give you an update on the madness...

#1- Sickness. I think I'm either getting a head cold, or my allergies are deciding to show up. My nose is a

You're welcome for that image.

#2- Bike Week. Ugh, need I say more? This year is going to be interesting for many different reasons...
  1. The place I work is heavily involved in bike week, so I've been making a TON of stuff for them.
  2. The City of Myrtle Beach has passed a law that bikers must wear a helmet (OH NO!) & the bikers are all pissed off so they are "not coming". So instead of Myrtle Beach being the official city who is sponsoring Bike Week, Murrells Inlet, Socastee, Garden City, Surfside, North Myrtle Beach, Conway, etc. are still encouraging the bikers to come. (300,000 extra people means a lot of $$ to local businesses around here) Well to make a long story short, a group has formed called BOOST (Business Owners Organized to Save Tourism) and they have sued the City of Myrtle Beach and are going to sue Horry County as well for taking away their business. Guess what- my boss is a founder of BOOST. It's been great for me design wise- I've stayed busy since I started here, but now, 2 days away from Bike Week starting, I am doing a ton of random things to help everyone be prepared.

  3. The place I work is also centrally located in Murrells Inlet in the HEART of where ALL the biker bars are. It is going to be SO loud and SO crazy starting on Friday. I'm seriously considering bringing ear plugs to work.

(Can you tell I like to make lists? And lists inside of lists?)

#3- Weddings/Showers. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE this time of year because of weddings & showers, but it does add to the daily list of making invitations (yay), buying shower presents, planning showers, buying bridesmaid dresses, buying wedding presents, you get the idea. I need to be more organized since the two weddings I am a bridesmaid in are BACK to BACK weekends in July. Oh, and both out of town. Lovely! I am so excited for both of these weddings b/c I love the brides and grooms SO much and they are going to be SUPER fun weddings, but ya know... it's just busy!

  • Shower in Columbia- May 17th
  • Shower in Wimington- May 30th
  • Shower in Columba- June 13th
  • Girly weekend in Charleston- June 26-28
  • Girly Weekend in MB (thank God) - July 19-21
  • Wedding in Greenville- July 18
  • Wedding in Columbia- July 25
#4- Graduations - now this isn't as time consuming as the weddings, but still exciting! My friend Emma is graduating from Coastal on Saturday @ 8:30 in the morning, outside on the football field. Joy. Ha, I'm super excited for her though! She is also having a graduation par-tay May 15th at her house- gonna be awesome.

Then there are the random things that I'll be committed too- i.e. American Idol Finale, Mother's Day, Working on my tan for all said weddings, Scheduling apointments (hair & nails), and finally... ENJOYING SUMMER!

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Sunshinemeg said...

Good luck with bike week festivities!
I bet you will be swamped!