Tuesday, May 26

Ok, so a few days ago I posted about how I wanted this case for my iPhone. I started getting serious about it. Apple's website has the Sena WalletBook for $49.95. SENA's website has a TON of color options. The downside is SENA sells them for $52.o0. Boo. Come on guys. Hook some poor, broke iPhone lovers up. We already spent a ridiculous amount to BUY the phone. Gees.

Well okay, so maybe if I save some cash, I'll buy this case. The question is... what color? I need help ladies!

Light Blue

Light Green

Croc Red



Amy Lynn said...

I vote blue!

Sunshinemeg said...

I second the blue! Too cute!

A Wedding Story said...

They are all cute, but I kind of like the red croc!

Whitney said...

I like the red croc definitely!

Lindsay said...

light blue!