Tuesday, May 26

Shower #29348238472

Ok, So not really 29348238472.... I just like hitting a bunch of numbers on the keyboard. It kind of feels like it though... as I've said before, I love wedding stuff, please don't get me wrong! It's just a lot of traveling! (Speaking of, I need to get my oil changed before this weekend's trip to Wilmington, NC)

So here are some of the pics from the shower in Columbia two weekends ago... Everything turned out so well and Kristin & Nate got a lot of fun stuff!

The Happy Couple!

The Hostesses

The Front Table

The Pretty Cake & Cupcakes!

1 comment:

BRD said...

What a sickeningly cute couple. ;)

I know what you mean about showers...I feel like I have gone to 100 in the last couple years. I hope all of these people are around to throw me showers when I get married/have a baby!