Tuesday, May 26

Memorial Day Weekend Wrap-Up

I hope everyone had a wonderful 3-Day (four in my case) Weekend!

I think we should have a lot more of these for sure. I'm just sayin'...

So Friday I volunteered at Field Day with Angel.

(She picked me up at 6:00 in the morning.... )

Let me first start off by saying "Kudos". I really could not be a teacher with this generation of children. I have never been around children who were so disrespectful. They didn't think twice about back talking adults or simply doing the exact opposite of what you asked them to do. They were incredibly whiny and pouty. One of them threw a full blown temper tantrum in the middle of field day. Just threw himself down in the middle of the activity, crying & hyperventilating. It was crazy. Oh by the way--she teaches 9-10 year olds.

I can't believe how much they got away with. When I was in school (not that long ago) I would never dream of back talking my teacher. I was scared of getting in trouble at school, and even more scared of getting trouble at home. That's where my generation differs from today's. These kids parents either let them get away with whatever they want, and speak however they want or they just don't care. I seriously could go on and on, but I won't. It makes me sad that two of my best friends have to deal with these bratty children on a daily basis. Teaching definitely isn't what it used to be.

So back to field day... it was fun when we weren't disciplining children. I played tug-of-war, jumped on those bouncy ball things, and got my face painted!!

After that, we hit up a much needed happy hour! Visited her gma, then checked out the mall. We didn't get home till about 9 p.m., but it was totally worth it! I love when me and Angel can spend all day together and not be bored with each other. We always have a fun time!

Saturday, we got our driveway finished. We got it widened so we can fit more cars- it was definitely over due.

Gus supervised the work from inside.

And, who doesn't love ticking off the neighbors by having a cement truck take up the whole street?

Natasha & I worked on Shannon's wedding programs for the rest of the night and rocked out to Michael Jackson's Number Ones. We then had the BEST idea for Halloween Costumes --- we're all going to be different Michaels. I want to be "Bad" MJ, she wants to be "Smooth Criminal" MJ, and I'm pretty sure I can talk my friend Sarah into "Thriller" MJ. We had a lot of fun with that...

Sunday, I laid out by the pool and got the most awesome sunglasses ever. My nose and cheeks are still pretty red today. I don't think I'll ever learn the sunscreen lesson.

Emma & I did a serious cleaning of my room and closet in the evening. Sometimes everybody needs a little help when it comes to organizing & cleaning. I figured out how I want my summer tops, skirts, shorts, and tanks. Finally. I am very pleased with the outcome. We did decide one thing for sure: I definitely need a bigger closet.

Monday, I hit up the outlets and scored some A-MAZING deals... I'll start out with my fav... Kate Spade was having 50% off all purses. Yes, you read that correctly. (if you're still reading this super long post.) I got this canvas tote for $47!!! Ahh, I love it. You know I switched everything into it when I got home!

I also go a shirt from J. Crew & some stuff from Gap including this super cute little bag...

Last but not least, Jenna & I ordered some fun stuff from Thirty-One Gifts a few weeks ago and our stuff came in! I am in love with all my purchases!

Super cute little baggy that I'm using in my purse to hold my lotion, hand sanitizer, medicines, finger nail clippers- that kind of stuff.

New Key Chain that I think I might take to get monogrammed- haven't decided officially, but how fun and summery is it!?

This is from their Kid's collection and it's called a "Kids Fold & Go Organizer". I haven't officially decided what I'm going to use it for yet... They have an example with a notepad and some markers (for kids), I can put pens & sharpies!! for when I get ideas, or I feel like making lists! I'll let ya know what I decide to do with it!

For dinner, Emma & I hosted a cookout- White Sangria, girlled chicken with italian dresssing- so simple, yet so good, corn on the cob, BLT Pasta Salad & Peach and blackberry cobbler. It was one of the best meals ever!

I hope everyone else had a super fun weekend like I did! I can't believe it's over already!


Katy said...

My mom is a second grade teacher and some of the stories she tells to me makes me almost gasp in horror half the time. I couldn't ever imagine being that disrespectful to an adult now at 22 or at 7.

Rena said...

not gonna lie - my favoritest part of this ever would be your DRIVEWAY! yay, now i can park IN your driveway without potentially falling into the ditch!

Kiki said...

Me likey the kids organizer!!! This is a great post....so jealous of the kate bag....cutest evah!!!

Lindsay said...

I'm student teaching in the fall and I'm so anxious but excited. Certain children are just bad!