Wednesday, May 20


Kris Allen won idol last night... definitely a surprise for me! I voted for Kris, but I just figured Adam was a shoe-in. I can't even begin to imagine what a whirlwind his life must be after last night! I'm sad it's over. I dont' know what I'm going to do on Tuesdays & Wednesdays now!

On a different note-- I got a blog award!! yay!! Lindsay over at Bella Cene' hooked me up! Thanks girl! :o)

(Love it even more since it's Office Related!!)

I'd like to pass this awesome blogger award to:

Rena's blog --- living.laughing.loving
Amanda over at 20 Times a Lady ... Spilling It
Beantown Prepster

Tomorrow, instead of going to work, I'm going to volunteer with my friend ABC's & Polka's at her school for field day! I haven't been to a field day in FOREVER. I can't wait!! I am going to dominate over some 3rd graders.

So what are everyone's plans for the long weekend? Any fun plans? I think I'm going to Star Trek AGAIN :o) and work on my friend's wedding programs... I have about 200 to tie ribbons around. I'd like to do some sort of outdoor activity, so let's hope the weather cooperates!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend All!


Rena said...

oh, you shouldn't have, darling.
:) i gotta get caught up on this blog award stuff.

MissKarenAshley said...

I feel the same..totally hoping for Kris but assuming Adam had it locked down. I kind of like have my nights back haha