Friday, January 1

Hello 2010!

I can't believe 2009 has come and gone! It sure has been a crazy year!

Here's a little recap of some of my memorable moments...

It snowed in Myrtle Beach in February.

I visited Savannah, GA for the first time and it's become my favorite city. That is, until I visit New York :o)

I got a job at the sketchiest place in the whole world. Learned from that, and have definitely moved on.

Horry County Fire in April-burned more than 30,000 acres.

Gus turned 1 in July!

Was apart of two college best friends weddings, back to back weekends in July.
Visited my crazy awesome family in August. All the cousins together hasn't happened until now.

Michael Jackson died.

Made it to only one Carolina game.

Took a spontaneous trip to Boston & Cape Cod in September. Got to see a lot of historic stuff.

I experienced my first Indian wedding with Natasha!

Oktoberfest was spent in Savannah, GA with Sarah.

I got my new job in October at the G-A-P.

Mom's bday was in November.

South Carolina beat Clemsux this year! woo!

And December was my bday & Chirstmas month!

I hope that 2009 was good to all of your blog friends! Here's to keeping up with each other in 2010!

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