Sunday, January 24

Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Sunday friends!

My weekends and weekdays seem to blend into each other now that I am working full time.

Friday I got my tax situation worked out and ran some errands with my dad. It was pretty low-key, but a fun day!

I worked yesterday, but after I got off, I met some people from work for team trivia. I've always wanted to play, but oddly enough, I've never been! We had a blast, and came in 4th out of like 11 teams?

Today I worked in the morning, but got off around 2:30. My dad's birthday is Tuesday, and I have a few things planned. #1-I ordered him a red velvet cake from The Trestle Bakery. It's his favorite! #2-I am making him a little CD book of some of his favorites to keep in his truck! He's never had a CD player in a car before so I think he'll enjoy it!
Which leads me to where I am now. I stopped by Target after work to buy some blank CDs and while I was there I picked up some Sony earbuds. They were on sale and they reminded me of pearl earrings. I LOVE them! I've had them in my ears for like an hour now and they aren't hurting! Where have these been all my life?

Hope you all had a great weekend as well!

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The Wife said...

I am so glad you posted this. Last time I was at the gym my ear plugs kept shocking me. I have to get some new ones.