Thursday, January 14

Today was a big day at work for us! We had been preparing all week to get the store ready for our DM's visit. On top of that, we had shipment this morning. And it was Day #2 of Skinny Jeans & Boots!

How funny was it to see my friend Amy arrive in a veeeery similar outfit:

We were laughing about it all morning.

Our visit went really well. I'm glad it's over though!

Here's some of the other lovely ladies I work with:

Do we see a trend starting here?

I hope you all have been having a great week! Only 1 more day til the weekend!


Julie said...

Love the outfit!

Stephanie said...

Love your outfits - I would love to work retail so I could dress up all the time!!!

Buckhead Belle said...

Yayyyy weekend! Y'all look cute!

Kiki said...

So wishing my hair looked better but I love these pictures....that and I look like a tree!!!

Jennifer said...

Super cute outfit!