Saturday, January 2

New Bloggie Friends

Evening blogworld-

It's a sad day at my house. The gamecocks lost to UConn today in the Bowl.


I also had to say goodbye to my friends Natasha & Carol. Natasha heading back to Philly & Carol to Spartanburg.

I did, however, get them to make blogs so we can keep up with each other in our respective locations. Check them out here (Natasha) and here (Carol)!

And hey, have you checked out my 2010 photojournal blog? I hope you'll follow me in my picture a day!



CarolinaPrep said...

as a fellow gamecock, i have to say today's game was one of the worst in years. But we'll always have next year!

And I'm loving the new pic a day blog! I'm thinking about doing the same on my blog!

Julie said...

Wow, lots to check out! I'll pop over to your new blog right after this :) Sorry about your team - I was rooting for you!